IguanaTail Creations
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About Us

IguanaTail Creations was established in June of 2005 although the owners and developers have been creating websites, graphics, videos and DVDs since long ago. We started out working at a division of higher education, but decided to branch out and really get creative.

Tom Furman - Director of Operations
Since receiving my MBA in 2004, I have enjoyed being a husband and father the most, but starting up IguanaTail Creations has been a magnificent experience. Building a company had become rather inevitable to me after leading for so long in my past work endeavors. It was more a matter of timing and placement. Working with summer camps, adventure bases and outdoor centers had always been a part of my life. Building upon both the business and technology education, training and experience led me into founding IguanaTail Creations. Bringing in the best and brightest people together is something I pride myself on. I just wish I could hire more of the astonishing people I have had the pleasure of working with, but focusing in a more specific area eliminated many needs I thought I would have when starting a business.

Irving Kwong - Imaging Director
Irv began as a Mac Guru before the title existed. His formal education is in Audiology where he completed his master's program in 2000, but with Macs at hand, creativity was predestined before then. He became the "go-to guy" for web streaming as the Internet boomed in the late 90's and honed his photography hobby into a creditable side job. After becoming a certified Apple technician, broadening his passion of still to motion photography and producing stellar DVDs of his work, he found himself with skills perfect for IguanaTail Creations.

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