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What can IguanaTail Creations do for you?
IguanaTail Creations specializes in creating promotional material for summer camps and outdoor recreation facilities. We understand the special marketing needs and work to develop a cohesive presentation to use in presenting unique resources and skills.

If you need other promotional video or photography work done, we are more than capable. Our camera crew is able to deliver top-quality results for any occasion. We can shoot training and safety videos, or capture your special event to remember forever. As with all of our work, we will give you copyright privileges to everything we shoot or create for you.

Video and Photography:
Our professional camera crew is first-rate. Creativity and dedication to perfection is reflected throughout the company and in all the work we do. Shooting your events and capturing the genuine enthusiasm is what our team does. We bring our own equipment, port it ourselves and capture outstanding images. All you have to do is tell us when and where, and enjoy the results. We capture all of our footage digitally, guaranteeing integrity as it is integrated into your products. After the projects are complete, we will give you a copy of all the original materials (including all still shots) on DVD(s) giving you copyright privileges to everything we shot or created for you.

We develop all our DVDs to fit your needs. We can tie in all the video, photography and graphics into a compact deliverable package of a single DVD. We're not talking about just handing you raw footage. We will make your DVD a worthy flagship in your promotional campaign. We can create your DVD to play in any specific region and deliver a master with as many copies as you would like. We will keep a master DVD in-house if you would like more copies in the future, or you can use your own master disc to have reproductions made elsewhere.

Our team has worked together for many years designing and developing websites. Our graphics artists create clean, cutting-edge images that fit the personality and style of your organization. We can work with you as much as you would like in developing content and making your web presence a strong asset. Whether you would like to build your website from the ground up, give it a face-lift, or simply integrate a few new items, we can make the process a snap. We can work with you to find a domain name and host that suits your needs, or deliver a finished product to an already existing server. Anything you need, be confident knowing you are in very good hands with us.

At IguanaTail Creations, we understand that every organization has their own unique needs regardless of the market they are in. Your group will get the special attention they need in developing a plan and seeing it through to completion. Our professionals are here to ensure your success.

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